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    4. 3. 2. The same study indicates that 48% of employers now have hiring freeze in place. When it does, you are ready? Here are four ways to prepare now for thats recovery (eventually) come: 1. The next concert might well prove to be a company where you worked in the past. Sinclair is CEO of a company called Business Alumni. Also look at what might change in the company where you work now. Start learning new skills One way to understand what skills your industry will need in the future is to study the needs in job ads. Another way to keep an eye on Whos hiring now, and that will add staff over time: Check the LinkedIn newsfeed. Virginia Buckingham, author of a new book entitled On My Watch, knows firsthand what thats like. Let go of any preconceived idea of ​​what your [recovery post] career will look like, suggesting Buckingham, now vice president of corporate affairs at Pfizer. Keeping in touch with people you already know a lot of issues, of course, but McLean also recommends looking for ways to explore new groups that share your interests. Accept the idea that the future will be different from the past as it is hard Behold, the new standard may not seem normal to allespecially if a job loss means having to switch to a different role, or even a new career. Get in touch with recruiters and former law employers now is a good time to contact recruiters in your field because Pandemic or not, they need to continue to build their pipeline of potential candidates, said Alison McLean Springboard, a former recruiter itself. Expand your collection of network information already increased your virtual network game for social distancing began? Awesome! Now do more. Fortunately, the courses in virtually every jurisdiction tech employers want are available online, on sites like Coursera and edX. mercer As companies seek to hire for tomorrow like today, keep a list whose employers require skills again and again, said Alison McLean, a career counselor in line coding Springboard school. From the first nine days of April, more than a third (35%) of employers considering furloughs in the next 60 days, according to a Mercer survey of over 400 companies, while about a quarter were planning updates foot. Following the terrorist attacks, Buckingham lost his job and, over the next few years, had to write my story, and to apply my basic skills in entirely new situations, she said. One of its biggest customers is already preparing for a recovery by contacting former employees, including recent retirees, and ask if they’d consider a return. When it comes to be ready for an economic recovery, said Alison McLean, I can not stress really enoughespecially network now if you take the time to set up informational interviews with people on LinkedIn and elsewhere that can refer to others who know where hiring happens or appears ready to recover. Make sure they know who you are, with a clear idea, concisely what you’d like to find your next opportunity. This means that the elders who already know the ropes, often have an advantage. Good to know. As the name implies, EA creates and manages alumni networks for employers like Google, Procter & Gamble, Nestle and Marriott. The pandemic has reshaped the landscape for so many businesses that this is the moment to reflect on how the business model of your industry has changed, and is likely to continue to change over the six to twelve months said Nick Wyman, executive director of the nonprofit Institute of workplace skills and innovation. As the economic recovery starts, organizations need people who can be productive quickly, said James Sinclair. And while no one can predict when the overall economy will rebound, everyone can agree that its going to happen. Even if you are still working in the same job as before the virus hit, that could change. Another site, called Candor, keeps a crowdsourcing account literate businesses that shows Whos hiring and whos got a gel onfor now. If you have ever worked for a company you like, Sinclair said, they may want you back. It may well be completely different. climbing to levels not seen since the great recession more than a decade ago, unemployment in the stratosphere, and more uncertainty to come, the no career is immune from the effects of pandemic Covid 19

  • Europe chose a different path PayPal CEO says coronavirus is giving his business a tremendous surge Everything you need to know about furloughs and what they mean for workers Filing for unemployment benefits ? What to know before you start your claim PODCAST: COVID 19 might have upended the concept of the best companies of the year WATCH: The U.S

    Europe chose a different path PayPal CEO says coronavirus is giving his business a tremendous surge Everything you need to know about furloughs and what they mean for workers Filing for unemployment benefits ? What to know before you start your claim PODCAST: COVID 19 might have upended the concept of the best companies of the year WATCH: The U.S

    Europe has chosen a different path PayPal CEO says coronavirus gives his company a tremendous boost All you need to know about furloughs and what they mean for workers filing for unemployment benefits? What to know before you start your application PODCAST: Covid 19 would have changed the concept of the best companies of the year WATCH: The United States should read more stories of Fortune: Big Pharma has the chance to come to the aid of US companies laid off worlds 22 million during the past month. But how can an employer know the difference? And if they ask even if a worker is microdosing at work? The answer is different in each case. The objective of micro dosing is not necessarily to get high. You’d be surprised how many people are microdosing during the working day, said Dr. It hasnt stopped people from taking smalldoses of THC largeand. As medical marijuana moves mainstream in many states, it puts employers in a difficult situation: How do you handle when an employee takes little amountsknown as micro dosesof THC throughout the work day to manage a condition medical if her headaches, anxiety, or pain? Is this the same as taking a Tylenol? Is it safer than an opiate? And employers need to know? This is an incredibly complicated issue, said Mary Kay Oneill, clinical senior consultant for HR consulting firm Mercer. Many employees DonT their micro dosing Divulge fear by cannabis being passed over for promotions or even fired. As a company we trust people with very dangerous drugs, however, Dr. marijuana becomes more prevalent, employers change their attitude towards drugs. This is partly because the test isnt marijuana perfect: Cannabis can remain in the bloodstream for several days after a person has used the drugeven if theyre not high. Unsurprisingly, most workers are tiptoeing around the issue of THC at work. But regarding the use of jobeven in small dosesemployers have mixed reactions. Some experts even suggest that DonT necessarilyneed employees to disclose their habit of taking small doses of THC during working hours. As mountsand anxiety as more people work at home in the middle of the 19 Covid pandemic, and marijuana dispensaries remain open under the orders lockdown state, experts predict that the prevalence of micro dosing can not grow. Although Kevin has a prescription for various opioid analgesics, and prefers instead a micro dose of marijuana because it doesnt get high. Shortly after the accident, at age 17, doctors gave him methadone for pain, but he refused. Although medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, the drug is still illegal at the federal level and is classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Its almost impossible for national companies to navigate this territory, where they’ve got workers scattered over several statesincluding those where marijuana is still illegal. I think his situation do not ask, Do not tell, said Chris Golden, CEO of electric Rye, an LA New Jersey Court of Appeal, for example, recently ruled in favor of an employee and asked her employer , a construction company, to cover the cost of medical marijuana used to treat pain resulting from an industrial accident. scattered Advising employers on a case by case situation, said Dori Stibolt, an employment lawyer in Florida at Fox Rothschild. Heres why Subscribe to home, a daily newsletter overview of stories on pandemic coronavirus and its impact on world affairs. Many great candidates failed the test, AutoNation spokesman Marc Cannon said Thelos Angeles Times last year. In fact, respect for the laws of marijuana is one of the biggest challenges facing employers in 2020, according to a survey of 700 HR professionals byXpertHR online HR resource site.Nearly a quarter said that they areextremely challenged byfederal, state and local recreational and medical marijuana laws and managing the consumption of drugs employed, compared to 5.7% in 2017.Rapidly change laws, they said, have createdcomplications for employers who want implementdrug free workplace policies. Patients true, Goldstein said, are not looking for an intoxicating effect. Postal Service is in deep financial trouble. Goldstein. A small dose of THC can get a very high person as he may not affect another. A little THC at a very low dose makes the pain more manageable, but I’m not altered, he said. sales of small doses of THC productsusually edible oils and providing 2.5 mg to 5 mg THC timejumped to 45% last year and 23 new small-dose products on the market, according to BDS Analytics, which tracks sales marijuana sales.Butthose were still microphone, constituting 1.3% of the global market of $ 1.13 billion edible. Bonnie Goldstein, a physician who directs the Canna centers, clinic medical marijuana in Los Angeles. Kevin, a 30 year old pharmacist who asked to go only by his first name, told his employer that he takes 2.5 mg to 5 mg of THC oil daily for neuropathic pain after leg one car accident as teenager.Kevin said his employer agreed with its medicinal use of the drug, but rarely told others about his micro dosing. And, under the laws say civil, at least 19 states now offer legal protection for employees in case of marijuana-related discrimination. Oklahoma, for example, saw the number of people with medical marijuana cards pushed 200,000 in the space of three months last yearmaking at least 5% of the states 4 million citizens. Using THC work would be more worrying for a truck driver or bulldozer, while a micro receptionist dosage may be less of a concern. Yet over the past two years, the courts are increasingly siding with employees in cases of discrimination marijuana. And because of this, theres very little research showing the efficacy of cannabis on a variety of medical conditions that her multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, anxiety or depression, says ReemaHammoud, director of clinical pharmacy health insurer Sedgwick. And no industry standards by the Food and Drug Administration, the real THC dosage may vary depending on the product and experience. Marijuana is like alcohol