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  • How can oil prices go negative? As the global economy demands less crude, the places to store it are filling up

    How can oil prices go negative? As the global economy demands less crude, the places to store it are filling up

    How can oil prices negatively? While the world economy requires less raw, places to store fill. Will prices fall to zero at the pump? No, petrol stations do cost will pay you to take their essence. What is the case with companies run out of space to store oil? There is only so much space to store crude. What will happen when there is no more storage at all? The countries will stop producing if no one will take. It all boils down to supply and demand. More to read Fortune financial coverage. Here are some answers to common questions about this plunge into unprecedented oil prices. Were going to see less paper merchants and more physical traders. Fire? What to know about your rights and benefits Listen Leadership Next, a Fortune podcast review the evolving role of CEO VIDEO. lost 26.5 million jobs Why charge members of Congress with insider trading is so heavy without work, not unemployment. Were counting see prices continue to fall, said Devin Gladden, a spokesman for the AAA. just How the Big Four ready to survive the coronavirus Furlough vs how Europe pays its workers idle This time, banks were ready. Real Unemployment Rate Soars 20% and past the US mission our to help you navigate the new standard is supplied by subscribers. On Monday, the WTI contract was sitting at record levels under $ 39 / barrel. The long-term balance between supply and demand work itself, however, WTI could temporarily go negative again before that time. This week, the price of resources crudea such value that nations waged wars on itwent under $ 0 for the first time in history. To enjoy unlimited access to our journalism, subscribe today. Traders buy WTIwhich means West Texas Intermediate crude oil and used as quality of global benchmarkfutures contracts all the time without the ability or the means to take possession of the crude oil at maturity. But with limited oil storage capacity and delivery dates of the contracts approaching May these traders began to sell at a loss Monday because they could not find buyers or physically store the oil. And without a lot of people going to work or theft, we just do not need as much oil and gas. Although crude turns negative again, there are other costs, including transportation margins and gas stations that would keep prices above $ 0 at the pump. Even average Joes can buy these contractsyoud just want to sell before you are obligated to take delivery of crude. However, prices continue to fall