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  • Bill Gates explains how to beat the coronavirus pandemic The U.S

    Bill Gates explains how to beat the coronavirus pandemic The U.S

    Gates tells how to beat the pandemic coronavirus the United States to learn why limit hospital beds at a cost of high Instacart hiring 250,000 more workers amid growing demand whether Whether your small business loans applies Round 2 PPP ASB 14% of women considered quitting their jobs because of the pandemic coronavirus approach 3 fronts to defeat coronavirus Why coronavirus crisis makes moral leadership more important than ever podcast. FOR MORE coronavirus Fortune. Schools If we can understand how K to 12 in the fall, it would be nice, Gates said, adding that the US Dr. The availability of tests for the coronavirus was a place of evil in the American Right looking at the raw numbers misses the true picture, Gates has said. The philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft Corp. This emphasis on the number of tests underestimates the cacophony and WEVE errors made in the test system, Gates has said. Covid 19 could have changed the concept of the best companies of the year VIDEO. concept Gates defended the World Health Organization against the Trump accusations that the body had mishandled the response of the virus. The foundation has contributed $ 250 million to help counter coronavirus far, and is re purposing units dedicated to the fight against other diseases to join the fight against the pandemic. The second richest man declared worlds vaccine production is likely to start in September, as some have said. If everything goes perfectly, wed be on the scale of production in a year, Gates told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS. Technology companies in some respects benefit from accelerating a movetowardsdigital approach, even if the next years they’ll have a lot of customers who contribute Theyll giving free licenses to where things will not be as strong, said Gates . Microsoft stock, about $ 174, are up 10% for the year to date, even though the major stock indexes are down and some companies stocks were hammered. WHO is clearly very, very important and should actually get additional support for their role in this epidemic, he told the FT