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  • The President has long advocated against the Postal Service

    The President has long advocated against the Postal Service

    The president has long advocated against the postal service. This is not the United States just a nice thing to do for the postal service. If the postal service is privatized, rural America is traumatized, he told Fortune. How Fortune 500 companies use their resources and expertise during the pandemic Why charge members of Congress with insider trading is so heavy fighting tomorrows pandemic, we must think like military today If you have been a little busy lately, heres what happens with the election in 2020 Listen leadership Then a Fortune podcast review the evolving role of CEO WATCH. More politics coverage Fortune. The line in 2006 was that the postal service must be paid in advance now because they were not sure if they’re going to be around 20 years, and the taxpayer will be stuck with the bill, said Hogrogian. The postal service is required by the Constitution to serve everyone in the country and also with uniform rates. Think of the airline industry. Regarding the postal service Im screwed three and has one and a half now, said Paul Hogrogian, president of the National Union Handlers mail. postal advocates believe that the funding initiative before they call onerous and draconian, was intended to force the Postal Service Privatization. Connolly also think negotiation is possible. If the postal service had to terminate some or all of its deliveries, rural America would be left out of the equation or be forced to pay exorbitant prices, explained Hogrogian. The USPS is currently the government agency most trusted in the country with an approval rating of 90% divided almost equally between Democrats and Republicans. But the last congressional relief package, promulgated by the President on Friday, when he went out of his way to call the USPS a joke, does not provide support for the postal service. Ideally, it would be sufficient to maintain the postal service until the election of the presidential candidate Joe Biden, who said he expects the legislation back to support the post office and keep the public. Trump attempts of the government to use the postal service as to the long-term political ambitions fiefdom, said Cleaver, a bad smell. There was a mail volume decline of 5.3%, said Brennan, during the first months of the pandemic in the United States. post office workers are considered essential in Covid 19 saves. Negotiations for the four stimulus currently in committee. While the post office was not included in the stimulus packages to date, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri is still hopeful that the postal service to get something in the next funding cycle. Yet Cleaver think there is a way to negotiate a bailout in the fourth draft stimulus bill. The only way to save the postal service said Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, is to participate in the presidential election to come and vote for Biden. You know, we have a divided Congress and a divided government, and advance Theres things will have to be give and take, said Connolly. If additional funds are not provided, the USPS would be no way forward without significantly reduce staff and cut some services. Connolly said the loans usually contracted Treasury working to take autonomy away from the USPS and closer to privatization. But the agency was rapidly losing money since a 2006 law, passed with the support of George W. To stay afloat, pleads for Congress asking postal service for $ 25 billion in immediate aid, subsidy modernization $ 25 billion in infrastructure overhaul and $ 14 billion in debt forgiveness. The Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a virtual town hall last week with postal union leaders. So FedEx and UPS to get to cherry pick what markets they want to play and if its unprofitable or too remote or too expensive, they come not to do so, said the representative. And while $ 50 billion more debt relief to the tune of another $ 14 billion may seem excessive, Connolly said the issues in perspective, especially in light of the 2.2 trillion stimulus package recently passed by $ the Congress. In a briefing with members of Congress earlier this month, Postmaster Megan Brennan described the extent of the problem. concerned There was initial interest of both parties in a bailout of the USPS by Congress, but according to reports the Washington Post, Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin intervened and threatened to veto any legislation if it included the agreed final $ 13 billion of direct subsidy to the USPS. Trump administration supported the postal privatization and Hogrogian said he was upset by the indignity of trying to use the crisis to carry out their political agenda, rather than state good policy on behalf of the people of this country. More than 1,800 postal workers have either tested positive or are presumed to be positive with the virus, and there have been over 30 deaths Covid 19, according to union officials. Postal Service has made explicitly clear. While the postal service is losing money at an unsustainable rate before the crisis Covid 19, he saw a steep drop and impassable mail volume since. This means that the postal service has to pay for the future of health care employees who were not even born yet. We must act now to protect the postal service. Postal Service is an important part of American life. They are the only universal provider of messaging services and were an anchor at low cost to the postal industry, helping to keep the private courier service rate down. Rolando said he’s focused entirely on short-term measures to maintain the postal service alive, but even money to rescue potential wont provide long-term relief. The Republicans and the White House will have to give the postal relief and they’re going to have to put aside their agendas for the good of the country. So if we can do for the airline industry, and we have, we can certainly do something comparable to the postal service. 1, the postal service expects a loss in revenue of $ 13 billion, the result exclusively of Covid 19. It does not support voting by mail initiatives in response to the crisis Covid 19, he falsely claims lead to an increase of electoral fraud and he also believes that the USPS should load Jeff Bezos and Amazon more money for services of mail they do. Youve got to remember that they do not like the postal service as conservative Republicans because its big, its quasi-governmental, and his union. The Board of Governors Postal Service, which consists of three Republicans (who were all appointed by President Donald Trump) and two Democrats, unanimously approved the request earlier this month following. Trump called for rolling back protections for postal workers and the privatization of land USPSTrumps privatizing the USPS could not come at a worse time, he said. It depends on how we are desperate to get the stimulus through, and it also depends on what else is on the table, he said. We are very concerned that Treasury will take our arms, and would resist it, he said. This is on top of the nearly $ 9 billion the USPS lost each year before the pandemic. mail. As we speak, people order masks by mail, medical supplies and prescriptions, and have even been increasing the burden through voting by mail. Not a productive activity, said Connolly. This is essential for all households and all businesses in America who rely on the daily delivery of their prescription drugs, food, medical equipment, supplies, said Connolly. Now it reached a point where people who are interested in getting the rural vote will have to think deeply about how they’re going to vote. Democrats, for example, were able to negotiate $ 150 billion to state and local governments and $ 400 million to help the electoral advice and support voting by mail. They also say that without the stimulus money, the taxpayers will be forced to pay for retirement benefits anyway. Its a great question, but you have to put it into context, he said. Prescription drugs, Social Security and pension checks would no longer be delivered directly to them, he said, noting that 40% of Americans are still paying and receiving bills by the United States and then when the shot pandemic, they came hat in hand asking for $ 50 billion for a bailout. So not only do they not receive mail, they do not get drugs, they have the ability to communicate. We have had great success in the CARES Act injecting things that the White House and Secretary Mnuchin and Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell would not accept, he said

  • The question of quitting

    The question of quitting

    The question of leave. We have all read about the many ways that this pandemic is disproportionately underserved women. Hello, readers broadsheet! European venture capital is worse for women of financing the employment of the United States Emma spoke to Angelashe asked not to use his last name (for obvious reasons) a mother who plans to leave his job in the outdoor industry to help relieve some of its burden FAMILYS custody. Between the financial strain become a household whose income and damage a breakdown of labor women may impose long-term career prospects and earning potential for life, this is a frightening trend. In recent weeks, you have never been the life of the pandemic era would be easier to manage if you could quit your job? If so, you are definitely not alone. And if you missed the Fortune virtual conversation about Seattle’s response to Covid 19 outbreakbased Erika Frys function in the latest issue of Fortune, you can watch a replay here. asian To get delivered daily to your inbox, sign up here. Worse, it appears to affect some women more than others: the survey found that 26% of Hispanic women said they plan to leave their jobs, against 15% of black women and Asian and 12% white women. In fact, Emma has a report this morning on a new survey of the software company pay equity syndio which revealed that 14% of women have seriously considered leaving their job because of family demands created by the crisis Covid 19 . VCs, some Latin American countries separate the sexes in public to control the spread of the coronavirus, and women are more likely to have considered leaving their jobs during the pandemic. This is the web version of the broadsheet, Fortunes daily newsletter and the worlds most powerful women. Much of my decision is how she said, to take better care of my children Emma

  • Executives whipped through slides outlining investment plans that assumed Brent would remain at $60 a barrel. Three days later, the Saudi-Russia fight sent oil prices through the floor

    Executives whipped through slides outlining investment plans that assumed Brent would remain at $60 a barrel.

    Three days later, the Saudi-Russia fight sent oil prices through the floor

    Leaders whipped slides describing investment plans that assumed Brent remain at $ 60 per barrel. Three days later, the Saudi-Russian struggle has sent oil prices through the floor. A new frightening world had arrived, one where oil demand was projected to peak in the next two decades, as the external pressure surgednot only environmentalists and regulators, but also central banks and hedge fundsfor Big Oil to diversify in less carbon energy sources. This pressure had already begun to reshape the business strategy of the industry. The impact of the coronavirus crisis have raised the profile of renewable energy projects, both in the local power and the investment plans of the oil giants. Todays energy market carnage shows every sign of intensifying this low-carbon shift. The price plummeting oil changed the calculation of return on investment for oil executives and traditional investors. Major oil companies have scurried to entrench their stock tanked over; ExxonMobil announced in April some of the deepest cuts, pledging to ax 2,020 Capital expenditures 30% to $ 23billion. World oil consumption to which growth slowed for several years, will actually fall in 2020, the first drop-year since the global financial crisis, projects the International Energy Agency. But environmental projects because they usually sell their energy in many long-term contracts that are common in the oil industry, are at low risk. For the dressing, Total for 2020 would reduce its capital spending more than 20%, nearly triple its planned cuts in operating expenses, and suspend share buybacks. But a total thing would not do, Pouyann told his workers, reduce expenses of its new energy division, a unit that includes investments in solar, wind and batteries. And big oil long-term clean energy companies activities are relatively unaffected by the reduction in short-term business expenses because these cuts are aimed at reducing the amount of oil companies put on the market today suddenly falling prices. A wind farm near Palm Springs. Three days later, Patrick Pouyann, CEO of French oil giant Total, comes to its approximately 100,000 employees a video message on the rout of the energy that was no less blunt. As oil headed for its worst year in recent memory, solar and wind power plants remains strong, according to Wood Mackenzie. Robert AlexanderGetty Images Currently, the oil industry is reeling from a double blow: a surge of supply caused by the tightrope between Saudi Arabia and Russia, and the demand destruction in the midst of a probable recession triggered by the coronavirus. Chevron also rise, including a massive natural gas field off the coast of Australia, a technology called carbon capture and sequestration, which captures carbon dioxide and shoots the many approaching undergroundan scientists consider essential to the fight against climate change. The economic downturn caused by a virus, also highlights the competitiveness of renewable energyparticularly on electricity markets, where more and more oil companies decide they need to play. In many parts of the world, the demand for electricity fell. hardest hit will be the Permian Basin, a prolific oil zone and stepped covering western Texas and eastern New Mexico. The global crash fast forward 10 years power systems in the future, Fatih Birol, the IEA executive director, wrote in March 1 analysis, giving them suddenly levels of wind and solar energy that they would not have had otherwise without another decade of investment. One example is California, long a leader in green energy. renewable energy generators typically sell their power to the grid at prices below fossil fuel generators, because their energy, unlike fossil fuels, is lost if they use it. And that highlights the growing importance of improving the flexibility of gridswith energy technologies such as energy storageto accommodate more renewable supplies. Renewable energy projects do not cost sheltered from global economic shock. The result: This year, $ 2 billion Total devote its renewable energy and energy storage incursions represent approximately 13% from spendinga the companys capital that would once have been almost inconceivable for a producer of fossil fuels. zone Long before this crash comes the price of oil epic, the energy sector has been struggling with an existential threat in the long term. Some small businesses have started filing for bankruptcy, including Whiting Petroleum, producer once high-flying in the shale play Dakotafocused North Bakken. As has happened so often in the oil patch, the boom turned to bust. Assuming that oil stays at $ 30 for two years is certainly a case of stress that we need to have our arms. But Breber said Chevrons long-term plan to reduce its carbon intensity is largely intact. This has magnified the problem, sometimes the sun or wind particularly strong, renewable energy sources generate more power than California can use. Oil prices had collapsed, reducing the price by half from us, noted CEO visibly pale, speaking of the tower in total to a microphone, he grasped in his right hand, in the style of a talk show life coach. The industry hoped that mid-April agreement to curb production, especially by Saudi Arabia, prices would buoy. These declines had the effect of increasing the percentage of power in the markets thats provided by solar and wind energy, both because their fuel is free and because of production subsidies they get. Gone are the good old days, when oil consumption grew inexorably and nations and societies that controlled most of juice hit the juiciest profits. Downsizing by major producers Permian Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Occidental Petroleum suggest spending cuts in the basin this year a total of several billion dollars. Ken Winkles feel the crisis coming from his office in Pecos, Texas, the heart Permians. It has reduced the profit margins of many oil projects along the typical lower levels of renewable energy projects. The overall growth in sales of solar panels and wind slowed compared to recent levels torrid, such as factories, shipping and electricity demand take a break. Were just the beginning of slowdown, accident, whatever you want to call, he said. 447612200000 $ decline in the market value of shares of the S & P; 500 Energy sector, March 2 to 18 March 2020. So the reasonable conclusion that renewables are serving a higher percentage of the load they would otherwise be, Steve Berberich, CEO of the operator , tells me. But challenges remain underlying industry: the abundant supply and slowing demand growth. On March24, Chevron, are struggling to find its bearings, has announced it will reduce its capital expenditure budget in 2020 20% to $ 16 billion. They will also include layoffs. At Frances Total, leaders say that construction delays are likely for some solar and wind farms because the coronavirus related restrictions are waylaying workers. This slowdown is the most difficult of the industry has faced, Pierre Breber, Chevron CFO said. The reductions will in the short term half productionnearly come by slowing production in the Permian Basin. In mid-April, with the population states under the shelter orders on the spot, the demand for electricity during the week was down 5% to 8% below normal levels, according to the manager states the power grid, the California Independent System Operator. But he’s also realistic. When Chevron held its annual investor meeting in New York on March3 amid growing concerns about the coronavirus, he abandoned handshakes, prompting leaders and analysts greet with elbow bumps. The price of Brent crude, an international benchmark oil, cratered 52% between March3 and April1, and prices per barrel were languishing around $ 30s to mid-April. In March, in an early ominous indicator, the number of permits granted-rig drilling in the county was down 38% compared to February 2020 and 59% compared to March 2019. These plans include modernizing operations oil drilling to make them more energy efficient. Winkles, Executive Director of Economic Development Corp. Pecos, considers himself an optimist