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  • Check in with your employees more frequently

    Check in with your employees more frequently

    Check in with your employees more frequently. Make sure your employees have the tools they need. View gratitudeand do often. But in an ironic twist, even Zooms own workforceyes, the same one that brought you the video chat service now likely to use almost all of homewas not used to working remotely. Certainly, Zooms employees had the advantage of being very familiar with their own product. The heroes of the pandemic Why coronavirus crisis may green Big Oil For airlines in free fall, the return route will be long and bumpy time of purchase. How the US economy can recover from the pandemic worlds coronavirus 25 Greatest Leaders. impact Replace them with a long and shorter bites team meetings. More stories from the print edition of Fortune. I was in the office five days a week before, marketing director Janine Zooms Pelosi said. How vintage watches found new homes online How all sectors of the S & P 500 was hit by the selloff WATCH coronavirus. How Seattles giants have come together to fight Subscribe to coronavirus home, a daily newsletter overview of stories on pandemic coronavirus and its impact on world affairs. Pelosi Zooms CMO, also said she became diligent daily check ins. Working from home is not easy, said Yuan. Yuan, CEO Zooms said about his not softwareproducts collaboration as Zoom and Slack