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    The PPP party US two. How investors are betting now on travel, given the uncertainty about when the ends lockdown? Since the coup in the event of pandemic stateside, Silver Lake and Sixth Street showed as investors and debt in coronavirus hit Airbnb. The logic behind these paris, at least for Silver Lake co-CEO Egon Durban. going Evaluations coronavirus depressed across the board and investors given the opportunity to find deals more lucrative than ever. Planned for a second epidemic wave, for stock markets to go down 20%, credit markets tighten and scary, banks again price their capital, said Durban. But it is still a bet that the economy will return before the money dries up for companiesa downright terrifying thing to try to predict given the little we know about the virus and its apparent propensity to emerge again when everything seems under control . In both cases the [Save and Airbnb], we believe these companies are well-funded regardless of the version of the restart and whatever the health care solution is needed, said Durban in a Fortune virtual conversation Brainstorm Tech Thursday

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    More news below

    More news below. The Company’s activities may not be just business. If you are wondering how the pandemic will hit the transport companies and home, take a look at the research this week Fortune Analytics. When is he thinks Travel back? We believe that we will return to being a functioning society, and capitalism is not going to fail. Also, take a moment to read the test Dov Seidmans Fortune why business leaders should demonstrate moral leadership to survive the pandemic. Incidentally, once they do resume flights, Southwest and Delta remain popular favoriteswith 46% and 41% respectively of net favorability opinion. ) A person who is optimistic about travel is Egon Durban, co-CEO of Silver Lake, who spoke yesterday at a virtual gathering of Fortune Brainstorm Tech community. An important number35% said they would not consider flying at any time in the next 12 months. apollo And the same amount71% said they wont consider flying until at least four months from now. At some point, people will travel, and at some point, they will stay in hotels, said Durban. adults, 74% said they canceled domestic trips they had planned for this year because of the pandemic. the company’s business is the company. In the merged world, how we behave, how we operate, how we govern, and how we relate to questions of people and communities more than ever. That travel back in six months, 12 months, 18 months, is less relevant for us. In the future, companies will compete on trust, responsibility, and creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with their stakeholders rooted in truths and shared values. And Frontier and Spirit remain dogs with a favorability rating of 2% and 12% respectively