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24 04 2020

00:00Taking stock At the heart of the matter are stock trades executed by, or on behalf of, Burr and Loeffler in the wake of private Senate briefings on the evolving threat posed by the coronavirus in late January and early FebruaryAt the highest of levels of unemployment following the 2008 financial crisis, there were 15.3 million jobless AmericansThese questions can help you think through how you want to position yourself: What are you most passionate about at work? What parts of your experience are unique to you and give you a valuable perspective? What experience informs your approach? How can you show people that you can deliver? Do you need to revise how you are presenting yourself for who you are now? Or where you want to go next? If youre having a hard time thinking about what you want your next accomplishment to be, start small with what youd like to be doing right now
01:00The question of quitting
02:00More coronavirus coverage from Fortune : These publicly traded companies took millions in PPP loan money How Home Depot and Lowes are preparing for their busy home improvement season during coronavirus uncertainty Which companies stocks will thrive after the coronavirus crash? Late payments soar, revealing extent of coronavirus pain on European companies 5 veteran investors on how to approach the coronavirus stock market Forget wet markets and bats: For scientists, failing environmental policies have created a boom time for outbreaks Is A.IGranted, Gurley is expected to still be involved in Benchmark
03:00The message warned of imminent national lockdown
04:00Europe chose a different path PayPal CEO says coronavirus is giving his business a tremendous surge Everything you need to know about furloughs and what they mean for workers Filing for unemployment benefits ? What to know before you start your claim PODCAST: COVID 19 might have upended the concept of the best companies of the year WATCH: The U.S
08:00How can oil prices go negative? As the global economy demands less crude, the places to store it are filling upThe summary posted by Stat shows results from 237 patients in the trial
09:00How a pharmacy delivery startup has capitalized on the coronavirus pandemic SBA website leaks personal data of 8,000 small business loan applicants Is A.IThat may seem obvious after months of quarantine, but the logistics are a lot more complicated
10:00Adds Republic Banks Hill
11:00So why did Universal go gunning for Lego after its deal with Warner Bros
12:00RepTo start, these leaders will engage in the hallmark of moral leadership
20:00Bill Gates explains how to beat the coronavirus pandemic Elective surgeriesmostly paused due to the pandemicare critical to hospital finances World Health Organization says 3 more coronavirus vaccines are in human trials Late payments soar, revealing extent of coronavirus pain on European companies 14% of women considered quitting their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic Forget wet markets and bats
21:00U.SMore news below
22:00has now lost 26.5 million jobs Whycharging members of Congress with insider trading is so fraught Out of work, but not unemployed.How much Europe is paying its idled workers This time, the banks were ready.How the Big Four prepared to survive the coronavirus Furlough vs
23:00Getting the theory To understand, it helps to look at the foundation on which Russell stocks operate